Admission Open 2023-24 | NAAC Accreditation

Career Information

Nutrition and Dietetics degree holders can work as a dietician in hospitals and Nutritionists in health clinics, health centers, and MNCs.

• Opportunity to be a registered dietician (RD). Graudates can work as a project assistant, project associate, chief nutritionist in NGO’s and private organizations.

• Bariatric surgery Nutritionist.

Two years (4 Semesters) Full-time on-campus Masters Degree Programme
Offering Institutes
Department of Food Science and Nutrition

• Students who have BSc Foods and Nutrition, Food Science and Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Science and Quality Control, Applied Nutrition, Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health and Nutrition with minimum 50% marks or B grade are eligible to apply.

• Students having pure Science Degree in Life Science, BioChemistry, and Physiology are eligible provided they have secured a minimum of 60% or ‘A’ grade in their Undergraduate degree and they have obtained minimum of 40 credits from amongst the subjects / courses as follows: 200 marks/8 credits courses in Nutrition, Diet Therapy/Dietetics related subjects AND 100 Marks/4 Credits courses in Physiology, Biochemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Food Science / Food Chemistry, Microbiology, Clinical Nutrition, Sports Science, Public Health and Nutrition, Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Food Service Management, Food Safety and Quality Control, Food Preservation, Food Processing and Technology.

• Nutritional Biochemistry (Th)
• Research Methods and Statistics (I & II Th and Pr)
• Advanced Nutrition I and II (Th)
• Medical Nutrition Management (I, II,III Th & Pr)
• Pathophysiology & Metabolism in Disease (Th)
• Applied Food Science & Product Modification (Pr)
• Public Nutrition & Health (Th)
• Pediatric & Geriatric Nutrition (Th)
• Nutrition in Critical Care (Th)
• Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals/ Clinical Nutrition (Th)
• Management of Specific Disease Conditions (Pr)
• Research Applications in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
• Dissertation/Action Project

Course Details

Nutritional Biochemistry Research Methodology Minerals Dissertation
Macronutrients Applied Food Science and Product Modification Public Nutrition and Health Or Maternal and Child Nutrition Internship
Medical Nutrition Therapy I Th Vitamins Pediatric Nutrition Scientific Writing
Medical Nutrition Therapy I Pr Medical Nutrition Therapy II Th Nutrition in Cancer and Critical Care Dietetic Techniques and Patient Counseling
Pathophysiology and Metabolism in Disease Medical Nutrition Therapy II Pr Statistical Applications in Research
Advanced Nutrition Pr Clinical Nutrition