Admission Open 2023-24 | NAAC Accreditation

B.SC. in Nutrition & Dietetics / M.Sc Home Science in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics


 Government Sector: They can work with government hospitals, government’s health department, schools, colleges, factories and office cafeterias for planning nutritional regiment.

Sports and Health Clubs: They can also work for sports hostels and athletes camps. Health and recreation clubs, canteen and nursing care facilities also require the services of nutritionists and dietitians. Employment opportunities are also open to them in catering department of star hotels and restaurants.

Teaching, Research and Development: Research and development involves conducting research on various food items to ensure their quality as well as studying the effects of various types of diet on the body chemistry in labs. The research dietician or nutritionists do research on nutritive value of food which helps to understand the various components of food we eat and the right type of food which provides a balanced mix of the essentials like vitamins, minerals etc. needed for the human body. They also can opt for research career mainly in universities, public or private sector research institutes, food product manufacturing companies and hospitals. Teaching the science of nutrition of dietetics in colleges and universities is also a good option.

Mass Media: Moreover they could find openings in the mass media where top priority is given to disseminating vital information on healthy living.

Gyms, Slimming Centers(Info):

Private Consultant/ Practitioner: Experienced dietitians may become assistant, associate, or director of a dietetic department, or become self-employed. Some dietitians specialize in areas such as renal or paediatric dietetics. Besides all these they can also work as private consultant or private practitioner.

Perks/Salary: Dietetics and Nutrition is a remunerative job. Those who are working in government hospitals, academic institutions, research institutes and other agencies have salaries as fixed by the government depending upon work profile and experience. Some private sector hotels, restaurants, food manufactures offer higher salary and attractive perks. Independent practitioner and private consultants also have good earning which largely depends upon number and nature of their clients.

Entry level: Salary varies from 10,000 to 25,000 rupees /month as per the abilities and experience.

Top position: Salary varies from rupees 25,000 to 90,000 per month depending on qualifications, position held, experience and location. The job prospects are good and are expected to grow in line with the average job.